Yoga in Soham

I attend Natasha’s Restorative Yoga class on Tuesday evenings and it is a very unique class. I have attended so many classes over the years and this is up there with my favourites. It allows you to be restful, quiet and calm, for which we often feel guilty.

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Although you feel like you’re resting you definitely feel the benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally.
A really special class and recommend you to try it, it’s different but in a very good way.

Michelle P.P

Yoga Testimonial

I have been attending yoga classes for a number of years and have been attending Natasha’s vinyasa class for several months now. Natasha has a wonderfully calm and extremely knowledgeable way of teaching.


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The classes are friendly and inclusive of all abilities. I can highly recommend these classes. Five stars!

Dawn G

Yoga classes

I started the vinyasa flow with Natasha this year as my first live class since Lockdown & moving to Soham. I go every week and love that she has a different theme like accepting change/peace/ strength as it sets a good intention for the class.

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Natasha explains all the poses and the class is easy to follow. There are adaptations depending on ability so beginners can join without any hesitation.
I always feel grounded & refreshed after practice and it has become an important part of my week.

Jayne R

Soham classes for yoga

I started with Natasha after the New Year taking the step to bring yoga into my weekly routine so I booked in and went along. I found Natasha to be welcoming and reassuring on arrival to my first class putting me at ease before it began.

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During each class, she talks you through the steps of the class practise and then you do each one to the level you can manage as she moves through the flow of the practise. I love the classes they bring a great end to my week and start to my weekend would recommend trying the classes I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Jill N

Mediation Soham

I attend the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class and enjoy it very much. It works on breathing and works all over the body. Natasha gives easier ways to participate if some of us can’t do it in due to health issues. This is good as it means most people of age or fitness can participate.


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I also walk to the Class as it is in my village, which is a bonus as it fits in with my other schedules.  I would recommend the Class.

Joan B

1-1 Yoga Soham

Having enjoyed yoga for several years, but because of work commitments,  I have not been able to keep it up.  I heard about Natasha and decided to take it up again. I thoroughly enjoy both classes that I do, the Vinyasa Flow and Restorative.

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They perfectly compliment each other, as I feel challenged by the Vinyasa flow, in a good way. I love the peaceful, healing effects of the Restorative. Natasha embodies all that Yoga is about, showing her compassion and care during the classes, and ensuring that we get as much out of each session as possible. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Natasha.

Jane B

Corporate Yoga

I attended Natasha’s Yin Yoga class.  It was the first ever Yoga class I had ever been to. Natasha is an amazing teacher who installs confidence in you as a student. She has a lovely manner and puts you at ease even if you’re nervous. I recommend her classes to anyone.

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Anita H

Sitting Yoga

I started Natasha’s Vinyasa Flow class in August 2021. From the outset I found her to be incredibly welcoming especially as I had never done yoga before.
In advance of starting the class she ensured I knew what to expect from the class and we determined the most appropriate class for me to attend. 


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I have found that yoga has really helped my flexibility and tone. I had a serious knee injury and am slightly debilitated by osteoarthritis however, this does not stop me from participating in class fully. On the rare occasion a move is too much for my knee Natasha will explain an alternative that I can do. I find the class (as well as helping me physically) has also been a great stress reliever and I look forward to my weekly class. Natasha ensures everyone is able to follow her class and she has a great way of explaining the various poses etc. I really like the fact that she picks a particular theme for each weekly class and no two classes are completely alike. I thoroughly recommend Natasha’s classes and look forward to continuing with my weekly class.

Alex K

Healing Yoga

I was so pleased to find Natasha’s grounding classes.  I’ve been practicing yoga intermittently for 25yrs.  Practice with Natasha reminds me of all my best yoga teachers.
Treat yourself and come back to the mat! Namaste!                                                            

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Mel L

Practicing Yoga

I have been practicing yoga with Natasha for the past few months and I haven’t missed a class. Natasha is very friendly and as you come in she will always greet you with a smile and knows your name. She knows her stuff and always offers an easier pose if you need it.

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Every week is different focusing on different parts of your body and mind so it’s never boring. After every class, I feel stretched, relaxed and calm. Also practicing yoga, especially breathing techniques, massively helped me in other physical activities I’m doing (swimming, running). I cannot recommend enough classes with Natasha. 

Aga K

Fun Yoga in Soham

I attend Vinyasa Flow yoga with Natasha. I find the classes very relaxing and they are improving my flexibility. Natasha is extremely knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind some of the moves which gives context to the exercises.


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She is excellent at providing different options to allow for different levels of flexibility and range of movement. She has a calming manner and a soft voice for the relaxation time at the end of the session. I always leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Diane W

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

My original yoga teacher moved away from the area. Natasha class was a ideal replacement as it is walking distance and very reasonably priced. I thoroughly enjoy the Vinyasa Flow class as the whole body gets a workout.                                         

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Natasha will always give you different variations depending on your capabilities. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Val M

Yoga for all abilities

For the vinyasa flow, Natasha has a beautiful voice and tone and makes it easy to achieve the moves. I already feel that my flexibility and fitness have improved and always feel much more energised after class than I did going in.

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Heartily recommended , give it a try!

Sarah F

Flexability Yoga

I really enjoy the Vinyasa Flow class. Natasha demonstrates postures to suit all abilities.
This is a small, friendly and relaxing class that I thoroughly recommend to all.

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Helen H

Hatha Yoga

Absolutely love Natasha Goldson’s yoga. Natasha starts the class with a relaxing welcome meditation before teaching the flow for that evening. Each step is clearly explained and shown and is easy to follow.

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I always feel that I have used my muscles well as well as feeling really relaxed. We end class with a relaxing Shavasana. I leave class feeling great and I sleep so well afterwards. I would definitely recommend Natasha’s classes to everyone xx

Victoria F

Yoga Style

I began attending Hatha yoga classes many years ago to help with relaxation. I have been attending Natasha’s Vinyasa Flow class for 10 months and I find it really beneficial. I enjoy the way it flows and I feel it helps to keep me flexible in my advancing years.

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Natasha’s style of teaching is encouraging but gentle. 

Julia B

Natasha Goldson

Before lockdowns, and travel restrictions were first discussed, my yoga teacher had to return to Japan. I remembered thinking that he would not be back. The next week the class closed and ended Yoga instruction for two years. Great to be back with Natasha.

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Her instruction is knowledgeable and challenging. In each session, she offers a new lesson, a different way to breathe or a new posture. Easier enough for my stiff, two years older and seemingly decrepit body. But increasingly hard enough to feel almost exhausted after later sessions. The class is well attended and the age and abilities of the students range. There‘s little pressure for one who feels less competent about their physical skills. Natasha’s positive good nature is always a joy.

Glenn R

Healing Yoga

I have attended a number of Natasha’s Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions. If it weren’t for my working hours, I would ensure a regular commitment. Natasha is excellent at her craft.
I have never failed to walk out of her classes without feeling re-energised and content. 

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Her enthusiasm and gentle encouragement ensure I am always eager to return.

Catrina L

Spiritual Yoga

I began classes with Natasha almost a year ago, engaging with yoga for the first time aged 60. I’ve found it life changing. I attend Vinyasa flow classes on average twice weekly and have noticed a consistent improvement in my suppleness, core strength and balance. 

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Of at least equal benefit is the sense of inner strength and peace that comes with the practice. Natasha’s love of yoga and her enthusiasm to share her considerable knowledge is a joy to engage with. Always mindful of the various limitations of pupils but gently encouraging us all to get the most from our practice and with a calm underlying spirituality at all times, I cannot recommend Natasha’s classes highly enough. One of the very best things I have ever done for myself and I hope to continue for life. 

Carol W

Yoga class in Soham

I attend Natasha’s Vinyasa Flow class every week. It is a well paced class with options offered for every pose if you want more challenge. The class has helped with muscle strengthening and my balance.


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Although I have only been attending the class for a few weeks, my posture has definitely improved. Natasha teaches us about our bodies, our minds and how to focus through deeper breathing. We follow a themed lesson which gives a helpful structure to our learning. 

Kate N

Soham Cambridgeshire

I greatly enjoy my yoga classes with Natasha. The sessions are well paced and varied, introducing many different aspects of yoga.
I find the experience very relaxing whilst also feeling that I have exercised.

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Natasha produces a calm and friendly environment within the class. Suggestions are offered for adaptions to make sessions accessible to all. I highly recommend these classes for all levels of ability.

Louise C-R

Yoga for all abilities

Natasha is an excellent teacher. I really enjoy attending her classes and I look forward to them every week. She will show you positions for all different abilities so her classes are for everyone, no matter where you are on your yoga journey. 

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I always feel refreshed and energised after, mentally and physically. Her classes have helped me so much and I highly recommend them.

Louisa S

Flexability Yoga

I attend Natasha’s Vinyasa Flow classes and thoroughly enjoy them. Before attending the class I hadn’t done any yoga, so I was very happy to find out what a good teacher she is! I find the classes friendly and professional as well as calming, enriching and very beneficial. 

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I would highly recommend it!

Lindy Jane R

Flexability Yoga

Natasha works with our autistic son. She is incredibly kind and patient, taking all of our son’s needs into consideration. He has a tailor made session. The benefits have been enormous. After his sessions, he is relaxed and calm.

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We look forward to Natasha visiting us. I would highly recommend Natasha as she is very professional.

Clare P

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