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Natasha offers many different practices for a varying of ages, abilities and needs.


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The practice of yoga can have a positive impact on the lives of anyone at any age, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Physically: It can improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, control, posture and mobility.

Mentally: It can enhance focus, create a positive outlook and build resilience.

Emotionally: It can create a sense of calm and wellbeing and support the nervous system.

Spiritually: It can promote the journey into the soul; provide a sense of meaning and peace, hope, faith and an awareness of the universe.




Based in East Cambridgeshire, Natasha offers a variety of community yoga classes in Soham, Isleham, Burwell and Newmarket, bespoke 1:1 practices, seated yoga for seniors available for care homes and day centres and corporate yoga.  All her practices are beginner friendly and whatever your experience or level of yoga, ALL are welcome.

Check out the practices available and more about them on the practices page.

Natasha is RYT500 and has completed 595 hours of yoga teacher training, 200 hours in Unified Yoga, 300 hours of her training were spent in India, 20 hours in Restorative Yoga and 75 hours in Yin and Anatomy teacher training. 

Natasha loves helping her students in their yoga practice which is shown in all the reviews on her Testimonials page.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Meditation course

Yoga in Nature

Yoga means union. Union with your body, your breath, nature and the universe. Practicing yoga in nature helps us to feel connected to the natural world. Being amongst the plants, animals and natural elements brings nourishment and wellbeing. It also creates a deeper body awareness; improving balance, control, strength, flexibility, mobility, focus and concentration. Spending time in nature restores your energy, fuels your soul, allows you to find union in the natural world and become part of something bigger.


Date: Sundays throughout the summer

Venue:  The Soham Recreation Ground

Time: 1000 – 1100

Price: £8.00

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